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Is there a jewel in your photo collection?

Since digital photography became the norm, we take significantly more photos. Despite this some of our best photos remain hidden away in the digital vaults of our computers and portable storage.

The loss of the refrigerator snapshot

Digital photography has had a noticeable effect on how we view our photos. The first effect has been image quality. Maintaining image quality throughout these years has always been an issue and the convenience of shooting many photos has outweighed our need to maintain the quality within them. In the film years we would have had 6×4 inch prints placed all over the fridge to enjoy. More recently our photos have gathered digital dust, hidden away on a digital chip somewhere, often forgotten.

Mynuphoto – Origins

Mynuphoto started when Paul made prints for other photographers and friends. They were so impressed with the outcome that they suggested he turn it into a business. The prints preserved image detail well in both the highlight and shadow areas. The clarity and purity of colour was another key factor for this encouragement. Paul explains that using least-destructive editing methods when preparing your photos, is one of the key factors to producing exceptional quality prints.

Already a professional photographer, Paul went back to study, almost becoming obsessed with the whole digital process. The goal was to really understand the engine behind it all; how it had all evolved and how we could preserve quality at every stage from image capture through to outputting the print. This also included learning all about paper characteristics, inks, colour management and profiling. Having studied and worked as a professional photographer for many years helped Paul to really understand the digital process and where we stand today in relation to it.

By “understanding” and “testing” Mynuphoto  have now managed to refine photo prints to an exceptional quality. The key is “the understanding” and “testing”.

It has also became clear throughout this process that even experienced professional photographers struggled to know where to get high quality prints produced. In view of this how was the public ever supposed to know?

Easy access to top quality prints

As the digital age has brought us the advent of easy photography, we now have easy access to information and consumer resources. This means that you can now easily order high quality prints at affordable prices online from Mynuphoto.

Unlike other websites where, the customer is responsible for the colour balance, sizing and image detail, Mynuphoto can manage all this for you if you choose. Free upsizing up to 2x means that you can also make larger prints from your files should you wish to do so.

With a choice of quality fine art papers available, you can now have your photos beautifully printed and delivered straight to your door. Furthermore, the files that we use to make your prints are delivered back to you via your online Mynuphoto user account.

To start your order or create a Mynuphoto account please see below.


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